Clan Heads.

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Clan Heads.

Post by korexus » Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:10 pm

I know that we don't have enough players to get full advantage of the clan system, but it does help with player retention if we have a system to help them.

We seem to have adopted asystem of "you can join a clan if you want", which is fine by me - but we should make sure the info is up to date.

Therefore I'd like to go through the clans, make sure the nominated clan head is around and flag as inactive a clan with no members, so players don't try to join a clan which doesn't exist and drift off.

Being clanhead won't actually mean much. Just fielding the occasional mail from a player who's lost or wants more info.

Here's the list as I see it, shout, argue and ammend now.

Scholars - korexus
Vulkings - Hannibal
Valn Ohtar - Aussie Gaz
BoV - Donut
Thuggee - Lardmaster

Those are the players I remember seeing around that I associate with a clan. 5 clans should at least give some options to people. I'll update the details at the weekend, probably.

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Post by Aussie Gaz » Wed Mar 14, 2007 10:23 am


To the best of my knowledge Duke was acting clan head of Valn Ohtar. I have no idea who is still active in the clan and was actually considering pushing the "Turn Mercenary" button.

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