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WOK 4 Champs

Postby Nemesis » Wed Dec 05, 2007 11:29 am

OK, Gaz talking about WOK 5 Champs in the Advanced WOK section reminded me about the WOK 4 Champs.

In the past, on December 1st, the scores end for the year and the new year would start. The HiScore list would then be used for Champs invitations. I feel this should happen for a WOK 4 Champs this year.

A problem we have is that we have two scoring lists, which could give different results I would guess. Also we have to decide if we will run the Champs using the old rules (what I explained in 2nd paragraph)

Hopefully we can agree to get the Champs run since they are great fun and it would be good to create another Wok Champion.

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