Which maps do you love and hate to play on?

Its all WOK here.

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Which maps do you love and hate to play on?

Post by Hannibal » Thu Sep 20, 2007 11:06 am

Hi folks,

I was writing on an obscure Duel thread why I'd said to a new Duel-GM to avoid two maps till they get amended ...

And thought this might be an interesting General thread to get lots of posts?

I'll kick off with what I think of Missile Mania (and therefore why it was another map I suggested GM Yond steer away from for a Full Duel).

I like and recommend Crazy Psycho's Missile Mania map for Standard WOK. What Crazy Psycho did was avoid the usual of putting prov numbers logically near each other. The bombable provs might be anywhere on the map. I liked that twist in a Standard Game; more surprise-options. And it's an interesting map-layout anyway.

But in a Full Duel I played in on Missile-Mania map, looking after 3 colours, I found myself constantly swearing that I couldn't easily find the 6 provs I could reach at long range from each of maybe 10 provs that had any missiles in them to be fired. I was constantly searching for, eg "Where IS prov 38??!". No problem (and good extra interest) for a STANDARD game, where you have only one colour to look out on targets from; but I found it frustrating when searching the map for targets across three colours I owned. So, great map for Standard; less so for Duels. IMHO.

I seem to remember Kor (or was it AG?) saying they didn't like UT's Skull Islands map. Why?

Interesting thread?

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Post by Aussie Gaz » Thu Sep 20, 2007 1:22 pm


Not really fussed on the skull island map as I always seem to lose on it (and just lost again).

No other reason to dislike it.


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Post by korexus » Thu Sep 20, 2007 5:35 pm

I've got nothing against Skull Islands (or dreadmorgue) as such. It's just that games on that map look good(!) This led to an overwhelming number of games being played on it a while back and so I got a bit bored of it and requested something else...

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