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The WOK Messenger - Issue 5

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eThe WOK Messengerf

September 2001 Fifth Issue

“If we believe a thing to be bad, and if we have a right to prevent it,
it is our duty to try to prevent it and to dangnabbit the consequences.”
--- Lord Milner, Speech at Glasgow, 1909.

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier
and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service
of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love
and thanks of men and women.
--- Thomas Paine, “The Crisis,” 1776.

“Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or justice to our enemies,
justice will be done.”
--- George W. Bush, September 20, 2001.

A Message from the Editor

First and foremost, I would like to express my condolences to all those who have been affected by the recent tragedies in NY and DC. Second, as you can see, I have attempted a more “medieval” format to capture the flavor of WOK, and have sent this newsletter in Word format since I assume that everyone’s computer can “read” it. I would of course appreciate any feedback regarding format or content. Third, I welcome all of the new players to the World of Kaomaris --- it certainly is refreshing to see more and more people playing this wonderful game. Last, I would like to express my personal thanks to Thin King, who is leaving Kaomaris (The Once and Future King?), for his guidance and help which allowed me to become a good WOK player. As clan head of The Scholars, TK put together a fine group of players, and left, as a legacy, the most successful clan that Kaomaris has ever seen.


First Meeting of the WOK Council

By: The Duke

“After all is said and done, there’s a lot more said than done.” --- Anonymous

In a big room a group of people with almost no contact with the real world has gathered around an oval table.

Al: I am not saying that it is impossible to do. I am just saying that if we make Kaomaris accessible for Amiga 500 users it would be difficult for the GMs to handle. They would have to run the turn in two different programs and....

Nick: People, please stick to the protocol for this meeting. The first thing on the agenda is to settle this discussion we have about the OOP.

Underdog: I think that you should be able to use spies to get the OOP for the next turn, and you should be able to sabotage the other players if they try to spy out the OOP so they get a false one.

Nick: And who are they then spying on?

Underdog: Who?

Nick: When they try to spy out the OOP.

Underdog: How would I know. The GM maybe?

Wayne: Should the GM then have his own province? In that case I think that Headhunting should be allowed on the GM.

Al: No, the GM will not have his own province. Don't mess up my game here.

Nick: Your game? Who made all the maps?

Al: Eh, but still...

Wayne: What do you think Larry? Hey Larry, wake up!

Larry: Oh, sorry. I was working on my group one and I guess I fell asleep as usual.

Dyana: I bet that has happend before every turn is about to be mailed out.

Larry: Oh, attitude! You know, when a woman puts a post on the board with the word "hardcore" in the title, that could easily be misunderstood. Especially since the average age here is, what? 20?

Nick: The protocol for the meeting!!! Try to follow it!

Ben: I think that Irish people should get a better position in the OOP.

Nick: Yes, well if you also could break the OOP you probably would. Do agreements and rules mean anything to you people?

Ben: I was JOKING. Ok? Loosen up a little.

Nick: No, you know what? I don’t think you were. It is like in that game where we agreed that you would go 23-24-32-39-41-40-43 and would leave me an average of 23.7 workers in at least three of those provinces. You didn’t care! I only got 21.9 workers and you took 32 before 24!!! Then you suddenly turned on me just because I sent 20 missiles at you.

Ben: (turning to Bicco) Is this guy for real?

Queen Pea: I think that it would be nice if we banned all communication between members of the Scholars. They always end up protecting each other’s backs.

Mojie: I agree. When I am doing my sleeping giant thing that stuff really bothers me.

Nick: Could you pronounce the name of your clan again please? For the record?

Mojie: Are you making a mockery out of my clan?

Bicco and Ben: Are you making fun of the Irish people?

At this point it gets out of hand when people start talking at the same time. Will they ever solve anything? Do they even know what season it is in the real world? How are they able to hold a job? Some things we will just never know.


An Encounter with Dameon

I am pleased to present an interview with the most controversial of all WOK players, the “John McEnroe” of Kaomaris J :

1. Where are you from, what are your interests, are you interested
in other types of games, and why?

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. I love living in this area; it has a lot of good things going for it.

Really my main online interest is WOK and that's been the case since I discovered our little community two years ago. My interests outside of WOK are varied, one of the main ones is a worldwide organization called the SCA (, which basically is a medieval re-enactment society. (For you old timers, Baron Roland was part of the SCA too!)

Beyond that I like Star Trek, esp. TNG, and when I find the time I like to read or play board games as well. During the warmer months I enjoy camping and other outdoor activities as well, especially baseball or 16 inch softball. Mainly I like to keep active and my work helps me do that.

2. What is your educational background?

HS Diploma, 1996, Bachelors in Chemistry @ Truman State University in 2000, and forthcoming Masters in Education from National-Louis University in June 2002.

3. What is your work/business background?

During the year I teach high school chemistry, it's a lot of fun. Over the summer to keep busy I work at a local day camp too, and that’s about the best job in the world. Really working with kids (and by kids I mean anybody from 3 to 18) has always been a true passion of mine in life.

4. How did you come to WOK? What significant changes were made,
and why? Were there problems at the start?

I believe I first read about WOK at, that seems to be the most popular method for recruiting as well. When I arrived most of the people you see around now simply weren't here, as I recall only Craig, Al, and his lovely wife were here then and now. The community was much smaller and if you can believe it the WOK 4 engine was still evolving, too. Steamrolling was a serious problem then, but the foundations of the game were there and solid and we managed to work out the problems with time.

5. Are you pleased with the way WOK has evolved? Where do you see
it going? Where would you like it to go?

Yes, I very much am with the advent of WOK 5. WOK 4 you can only play so long before figuring out an easy winning strategy, and then from there it is luck- I know I've said it often enough but then most players agree with me as well, if perhaps in not such a vocal fashion. I like Al's plans for WOK Online, that would be truly interesting, and I'd love to help him out with that best I can.

In particular I think the clan system is simply wonderful, it has added a LOT to this community and I think our retention rate for new players is up big time, which was the primary goal when we got together and formed the first five clans.

6. Which people did you introduce to WOK? How would you describe
them as players and as individuals?

I don’t know if I’ve actually introduced anybody to WOK personally, although I have done a lot of advertising online that has drawn some of our players in. I could give you my views on a lot of players but to keep it short here’s my views on who I consider to be the top four or five players currently playing WOK.

Egbert- An excellent player who for whatever reason won’t form his own clan, he’d make an excellent clan head I think and he may soon find himself in that role for the Scholars like it or not. Doesn’t GM so has time to play in a LOT of games, and is easily a threat in every single one of them. Sleeps too much though. ;-p

Massielita- Our current champion is a friendly guy and a friendly player, very likeable and fun to work with. Has a solid clan behind him and is usually likely to be the one who sends the most players in a game to the Gatekeeper- he always works hard for his victories.

Bjorn- Although he has been in a bit of a dry spell lately Bjorn is a great player and by joining a clan I think he’ll only get better. His strength is currently still WOK 4, but once he really gets the mechanics to WOK 5 down he’ll be somebody to watch out for in those games as well.

Dark Monk- Often underestimated, the reason he has less VPs than the other players listed here is that AL is constantly working behind the scenes to improve WOK so he doesn’t have a lot of time as a player to get involved. The oldest player we have, DM really is a large part of the heart and soul of WOK.

I’ll hold it up on that, don’t want to get carried away. Really there are tons of good players out there so if I didn’t name you don’t feel insulted or anything, this is all only my opinion after all and I base my views mostly (although not all) on WOK 5 so that has to be considered too.

7. How would you describe yourself as an individual? How would you
describe yourself as a player?

That’s an interesting question. As an individual I really do try to be altruistic and I work hard, however I do have something of a temper I’ll freely admit it. As a player that short fuse comes more to the top sometimes, although I use diplomacy often to mask it. Still, I’m the type of player that if I know I’m not going to win I’ll kamikaze into my nearest enemy and take ‘em down with me…..all part of the game I figure. (Just ask DM in Ben 4!)

8. The question to which everyone would want to hear the answer:
what's the story with you and Thin King? How did it start? Is the
rivalry real? Any last words to Thin King as he supposedly leaves
WOK for good?

Honestly, I don’t know how it started. I don’t think it’s any one incident really it’s a lot built up over the last few years. As individuals our personalities have always clashed. I never have liked the Scholars either and as head of that clan it sure didn’t help our cause. Still, for a long time there was always a feel of a semi-friendly rivalry to it.

That changed in Champs 2000 when TK betrayed me (twice), and then proceeded to betray one of my close friends (Calidus) in another game. That prompted me to return the favor to him in Al 16 then the poop hit the fan as it were. I can honestly say that as a player I hate TK about as much as is possible to hate somebody. As an individual- well, Craig’s an OK guy, but sometimes it’s hard to differentiate when there’s so much emotion involved.

In regards to last words, I wish Craig the best of luck in his future plans, and I hope that TK gets run over by a horde of rampaging rabid boars. ;-)

9. Why "Dameon"? Why "Ar-Sereg"?

OK, Ar-Sereg first. You're not the first person to ask that question, and my response is that Ar-Sereg is a bastardized word from the Quenya language, which was the language that Tolkein's Elves spoke. I'm not a huge fan of LoTR but I can appreciate somebody who makes up their own language, and it adds character to a clan to be named so I think. As it was, "Ar" was the prefix for noble or royal, and "Sereg" loosely tranlated meant blood. So, Ar-Sereg roughly means "Noble Blood".

As for Dameon, well, for those of you who want to know read the Clan Corner published in this issue and that'll give you as good a reason as any. ;)

10. Would you like to make any other comments regarding any of the
players, or the game of WOK itself?

WOK in general attracts an excellent crop of players, and I’d like to thank everybody for showing up and making the world that much more interesting and fun to play in. I hope WOK lasts long into the future, I think we have something unique here that much is for sure. WOK on everybody!


An Encounter with Thin King

“I’m an English Boy --- I was brought up right.
Hold me down, and I will bite!”
--- Pete Townsend, “English Boy.”

1. Where are you from, what are your interests, are you interested in other types of games, and why?

I am from a small town in the north of England called Crewe. Any railway travellers in the country will know Crewe as it was built as the hub of the northern railway system. When I was little I used to like board games, and even now I would like to get into something like Risk (which I haven’t yet played). I like the idea of playing a strategy/war type of game in a group, with munchies, until the early hours.... : ) On the Net I have tried numerous other games, although WoK is the clear leader in terms of hours devoted. My current favourite online game is Darkness of Silverfall. It plays at an entirely different pace to WoK (which recently has been handy), and is a lot like WOK5 in that every game is very different (certain features can be enabled/disabled by the GM), and there are still a lot of untried strategies. Shameless plug:

2. What is your educational background?

In early October I will start my math degree at Trinity College, Oxford. This is equivalent to "college" age in the US.

3. What is your work/business background?

Hmmmm. I'm a lazy, good-for-nothing student. :-) I used to work on a donut van, which was a dream job. I'm sure you can imagine why. : )

4. How did you come to WOK? What significant changes were made, and why? Were there problems at the start?

Well, a few years ago I checked out a newsgroup (I forget which), and there was some guy asking for playtesters for a game called "World of Kaomaris". I thought I'd give it a try and sent an e-mail to Al. I still remember that his first ever e-mail to me referred to me as "Eric", and I have no idea why. :-) Anyway that was my first turn report, and version 1 of the WOK4 manager. In those days there used to be several updates per week (sometimes *daily*) as bugs were found and stamped on. However it was only a few short months before we had people flocking in and a stable engine with which to play. Sahil, the second GM, appeared and everything was going strong. Later, the most major change to WOK4 arrived. This was the inevitable change to the battle system. I don't want to go into details, but let's just say that this change was necessary, and Al (with the help of other regulars) came up with a much better system. The inclusion of EFF level into the attack strength formula was one of Al's little surprises.... : ) Along the way we have gained an online AOF sender, more maps, more GMs, Kaohalla, the Championships, the Clans, and most importantly more players.

5. Are you pleased with the way WOK has evolved? Where do you see it going? Where would you like it to go?

The number of players that are around Kaomaris at any one time is testament to the quality of its evolution. I know Al would like to make an online version of WOK (in the style of Utopia I guess?), but I'm skeptical - I think a lot would have to be changed, and perhaps the roots of the game would be lost. Perhaps I am the only person in Kaomaris to think that WOK may be better served by *not* trying to grow. I think 100 consistent players would form a great playing arena (with very few newbies), and would make a rating system (such as the one proposed by Tom) much more meaningful.

6. Which people did you introduce to WOK? How would you describe them as players and as individuals?

I think there have only ever been two - El Presidente and Cruor ac Ferrum. The former was back in the very old days of WOK4, and the latter was much more recent. I would describe both of them as dirty rotten quitters. 8^D

7. How would you describe yourself as an individual? How would you describe yourself as a player?

A very difficult question indeed. I guess the best way to answer this would be to ask other players. One thing for certain is that I like to try out new things. I believe I was the first player to use major level training, and also the first to leave one army garrisons to stop the level gain for taking an empty province. Of course someone out there will claim that I am wrong. :-) I am also a bit lazy. I should spend more time on my orders - especially WOK5.

8. The question to which everyone would want to hear the answer: what's the story with you and Dameon? How did it start? Is the rivalry real? Any last words to Dameon as you supposedly leave WOK for good?

To be honest I don't remember how it started, but there have been several occurences since (that I shall not go into) that make the rivalry very real. My last words to Dameon are: "Have you worked it out yet?" By now he should know what I mean.

9. Why "Thin King"?

Obviously it's a pun on "thinking". The theme of a "King" (or any other kind of leader) has been prevalent in WOK (even Egbert - the first king of England). "Thinking" is also a big part of any worthwhile game.

10. Why are you leaving WOK?

WOK has slowly but surely been losing its edge for me (perhaps I have been around too long...?). I stopped GMing a while ago, and the imminent move to Oxford is all the reason I need to bang WOK on the head for good. I will still look in every now and then - I just went to America for two weeks, and when I came back I saw a new clan, a new map, and a GM site had moved to a new provider. Perhaps WOK has lost its sparkle because it is no longer new - I have done pretty much everything I could possibly do. I have won games, GMed games, played in two Championships (two second places - d'oh!), devised new tactics, built up a (great) clan... The reason for my alliance with Dameon a few weeks ago was that I wanted something a bit new and exciting to happen. Unfortunately Dameon is no Buddhist, and the material gain of the VPs was enough to encourage a backstab. The reason is simply that Dameon has not been around as long as I have. When he has, he will probably do just about anything to look for a bit of excitement - start to backstab, ally with enemies, etc....

11. As you leave, do you have any parting words for anyone in particular, or the community generally?

Yes. I would like to tell John to get a move on with his group 1. : ) Al - keep up the good work. Oh, and everyone give DoS a try. :-)

And now, a real treat. Presenting the first installment regarding the ancient history of Kaomaris……

Beginnings, Part I
By: Dameon

[From the Book of Ára, Volume I]

And so it came to pass that in the early days when the world was new, settlers came unto the lands. Prior to the arrival of these humans and their accompanying sorceries, the lands had been clean and pure and nameless. Upon the arrival of the warlike humans however, blood was first spilt upon the sacred grounds and none would be the same again. By reason of the malevolent and stormy seas that ever surrounded the lands, the humans who arrived christened them “Kaomaris”, and chaos ensued.
Strong were these human warlords, and many factions were in constant conflict with each other in a struggle for dominance. The strong killed off the weak, as was the way of things, and a new source of power was discovered within the land itself. Many sought to take advantage of this power, but ultimately it was the clan Möré that became dominant and stole the power away into a Sacred Stone which they hid in the Dark Tower. The Möré clan was then powerful under their venerable leader, known only as the Dark Monk to those outside the clan, and even within it few know of his true identity. The clan was then renamed the Cult of the Dark Stone to better reflect their new identity and purpose.
Dark Stone became powerful, and the remaining fractioned warlords of Kaomaris would not set aside their differences and fight under the same banner. Truly it seemed that Dark Monk would fulfill his evil designs as he lead his armies to victory after victory. However, at the time when all seemed lost, a new warlord arrived in Kaomaris; and using a silver tongue he rallied the opposition into a cohesive force. A push commenced against the Dark Hordes, and the newly energized army fought under the banner of the Falcon. The warrior’s true name and identity were unknown, but his enemies referred to him as “The Red Demon” for his armor was ever red with the blood of the wicked he had slain. He then became known as Dameon, and willingly enough did he answer to the name and so he has been called hence.
The forces of light under Dameon fought back against the evil hordes, and soon it was the forces of the Dark Stone cult who were on the retreat. However, within the ranks of the forces of light was one discontent with his lot in life, and the clever demons of Dark Stone sought to undermine their enemies from within by plying their evil trades upon the malcontent. And so it was when the forces of light were on the verge of finding and destroying the Dark Tower that their line was broken by the treacherous deeds of the malcontent.
The forces of light fell back in shock, and the traitor revealed himself as Piebald, a Kaomarian warlord who disliked the recent turn of events and Dameon’s rise to eminence. Piebald took with him several other warlords from the forces of light, and formed the Clan of the Dagger. Many within the forces of the light referred derogatively of the new faction as simply “Thugs”, and instead of finding fault with this Piebald instead adapted his clan name to “Thuggee”.
Thus there were three main forces now in the lands of Kaomaris, and once again the forces of darkness were on the rise as Piebald forged an alliance with Dark Monk to combat the forces of light. And it came to be that within Dameon’s ranks was a young but impetuous warrior known as Tbert, and his anger was great at the defection of Piebald from the forces of light. He sought to challenge the veteran warrior to a single duel, but cooler heads prevailed and instead Tbert was sent as a messenger to the Outer Lands by Dameon in hope of seeking support against the newly replenished dark hordes.
However, Dark Stone know of this maneuvering, and not far into the northern mountains was Tbert’s band ambushed and massacred at the hands of Dark Stone. Tbert barely managed to escape with his life, and enraged he took the sword of his dead brother and swore vengeance upon the evil of Dark Stone. Instead of joining back with Dameon, Tbert formed his own clan, call Sword of Vengeance, and sought to get his revenge against those who had killed his brother and slaughtered his friends. Truly his ire at Dameon was also raised for he viewed his former leader at fault for sending him into such an ambush, and none were safe from his sword.
His fortunes in retreat, Dameon thus realized that old grievances were again arising within his army, and hit from several sides at once they began a steady retreat. The warriors of Vengeance were fickle allies at best, and as casualties mounted despair began to set in among the forces of light. However, all was not lost as soon the low cry of battle horns heralded the arrival of help from afar. Upon hearing of the evil plans of Dark Stone and their Thuggish allies, the noble Baron Roland came riding into Kaomarian lands leading his own mercenary force known only as the Posse. Immediately he set into attacking the dark hordes, giving Dameon enough time to rally his troops once more. The remaining forces of light, though greatly depleted, were then forged into a single clan to prevent the divisiveness that had proved so costly, and from the Old Tongue the name Ar-Sereg was chosen by Dameon for his elite defenders of the Light.
Again feeling the fickle winds of fate pull him, Piebald renounced Thuggee’s alliance with the Dark Stone clan after the easy victories promised him dissolved into dust before his eyes. Piebald then proclaimed for all to hear that the Thugs would fight for their own best interests now and forever more, and spurned a permanent place with either the light or the dark.
And so it was that the first five clans came unto Kaomaris. Dark Stone, Thuggee, Sword of Vengeance, the Posse, and Ar-Sereg settled into a mass of conflicting warlords and shifting alliances, and truly none could gain prominence. And such it was for a great time, but indeed it was yet fated that new clans should arise and challenge the way of things. But that, my friends, is a story for another time.


GM’s Corner
By: GM Wayne, aka Coolant

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
--- William Shakespeare, “As You Like It.”

Well, Egbert is quite good with that whole guilt thing, so here is my first contribution to the Messenger.

As a GM who has done reasonably well with his groups, I would just like to give some advice to those new GMs, or GMs having trouble with time and turns…

First off, if possible, ALWAYS input a turn as soon as you get it. You don’t want 10 turns in your lap when it comes to deadline time. Normally, a deadline is between 3-5 days for an average WOK game, WOK4 or WOK5. Your turns would come in, maybe 2 or 3 every day. With a few more on the last day… So if you input the turns as soon as you get them, this will save you a lot of time when the deadline rolls around… Thanks to Al, inputting turns is just copy-paste now, and you no longer have to manually colour-in maps… It’s all done for you…
Therefore, being a GM is a lot easier these days… if you know how to use the Mail Manager, your life is even easier… Though I never figured out about the Mail Manager J

Secondly, it takes maybe 10-20 minutes to run a turn on the deadline, if you’ve input the turns beforehand… So, don’t be too late… 10-20 minutes isn’t a long time, and players always get REAL giddy around the deadline… You’ve always got a player or two, on MSN Messenger or icq, asking “is it done yet?”… (No names here). Well, for their benefit and yours, just run the turn J… Use the mapmaker, update your web site, and poof, done!

Now remember, IF you ran the turn and sent them to the players, ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, update your Map… As an anonymous player once told me, “The time after receiving my turn and not seeing the map is the most difficult time of all.” You know your results, but what happened with the rest of the players? Who took what province? Did your allies do well? Are your enemies dead? Etc… So, always update your map, and don’t leave your players hanging like that J…

Finally, remember that you are running the games for the players… They are the bosses, NOT you! (Though you may think its you…). Don’t leave player messages unanswered, even something as trivial as “is it done yet?”… should be answered with something like “NO!!! If you ask me one more time, I’m gonna send your player data out on the Boards!” This makes them REALLY nervous, but at least they know you are there, answering their emails…

And if a player has a problem with a deadline, deal with it. Don’t just say “too bad, so sad”… Try and work it in… Because having the players like you, is the key in having players for your games…

Well, that’s it for now… have fun everyone!


Egbert’s Puzzler
By: Egbert

“It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”
--- Winston Churchill, 1939.

This issue’s Puzzler:

“Sisters and brothers --- I have none.
But THAT MAN’S father is my father’s son.”

Who is “THAT MAN?”

Solution to Last Issue’s Puzzler:

How many of the following can you get? (apologies for using so many American terms)
(Example: 16 = O in a P is 16 ounces in a pound)

1. 26 = L of the A Letters of the Alphabet
2. 7 = D of the W Days of the Week
3. 1001 = A N Arabian Nights
4. 12 = S of the Z Signs of the Zodiac
5. 54 = C in a D (with J) Cards in a Deck (with Jokers)
6. 9 = P in the S S Planets in the Solar System
7. 88 = P K Piano Keys
8. 32 = D at which W F Degrees at which Water Freezes
9. 18 = H on a G C Holes on a Golf Course
10. 13 = S on the A F Stripes on the American Flag
11. 90 = D in a R A Degrees in a Right Angle
12. 8 = S on a S S Sides on a Stop Sign
13. 3 = B M (S H T R) Blind Mice (See How They Run)
14. 4 = Q in a G Quarts in a Gallon
15. 24 = H in a D Hours in a Day
16. 1 = W on a U Wheel on a Unicycle
17. 5 = D in a Z C Digits in a Zip Code
18. 57 = H V Heinz Variety
19. 11 = P on a F T Players on a Football Team
20. 1000 = W that a P is W Words that a Picture is Worth
21. 29 = D in F in a L Y Days in February in a Leap Year
22. 64 = S on a C B Squares on a Checker/Chess Board
23. 40 = D and N of the G F Days and Nights of the Great Flood
24. 76 = T in the B P Trombones in the Big Parade
25. 50 = W to L Y L Ways to Leave Your Lover
26. 99 = B of B on the W Bottles of Beer on the Wall
27. 60 = S in a M Seconds in a Minute
28. 1 = H on a U Horn on a Unicorn
29. 9 = J on the S C Justices on the Supreme Court
30. 7 = B for S B Brides for Seven Brothers
31. 16 = M on a D M C Men on a Dead Man’s Chest
32. 7 = W of the A W Wonders of the Ancient World
33. 1000 = A on the H of a P Angels on the Head of a Pin

And now a word from our “Sponsor”:

GM Al would like everyone to give one or more of the referral programs on his site a try. Thanks for your support!


“For when the One Great Scorer comes
To write against your name,
He marks --- not that you won or lost ---
But how you played the game.”
--- Grantland Rice, “Alumnus Football.”

Copyright 2001 by Egbert and all of Kaomaris. Not to be redistributed without the express written consent of the WOK Council (good luck getting that!). All rights reserved. Everybody Wang Chung tonight. Yada yada yada.
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Always a good read. :)
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We probably have some of these stored on our mail server. I'll look them up...

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I got more....
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Ah, when I had more time on my hands...............
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