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WOK - Defenders of the world - All Chapters

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Chapter one

Are they always like this?
No. They are worse.

A group of people, strange people I might add, has been gathered in a building belonging to NASA. As they sit on the benches along the walls they all look at eachother. After a while one of them clears his throat and speaks up.

"My name is Alexander. Does any of you know why I am brought here?"

The person sitting opposite of him answers,

"I dont know why I am here either. I am Brendan. These are some of my friends"

Alexander gives him a curious look.

"Brendan? Is that an Irish accent?"

"Yes, well Northen Ireland to be exact"

"As strange as it may seem. I think we all know each other. You probably know me as Al and I am guessing that you guys are X-wing, Doverish, Keiser Moije and so on."

Some of the others now looks surprised.

"You know me as Egbert"

says a man in the corner and stand up.

Al nods at his direction and just as he is about to respond a door opens and a man in a NASA uniform enters.

"Good day. Please remain seated and listen to what I have to say."

The man sits down on a chair in the middle of the room.

"A few hours ago we picked you all up from your ordinary lifes. Your familys has been informed of your whereabouts and are being looked after. As you probably have figured out by now, you have a connection. It is an internet based game called World of Kaomaris. This has suddenly taken a step from just a game among the rest of them to the most important game of them all"

Bicco leans forward whispering to Moije

"This should be interesting"

"If I may continue. What I am about to say can under no circumstance leave this room. A few weeks ago we made contact. We are not talking about that we might have made contact. We DID make contact."

Dyana "Contact? With what?"

"With another species."

The WOK people looks at eachoter.

"We recieved a transmission from a point outside our solarsystem where no planets exists, so it must come from a spaceship. The transmission said, Bring forward your best players and let our master crush them."

Al: "What? Players? Master? What is it all about?"

"Thats what we wondered too so we asked. As a reply we got this: www.kaomaris.com"

Ben "But why? A game? Who are they?"

"This is all we know at this point. We are afraid to loose contact so we decided to play along. That is why we gathered all of you here. We need you to pick out your nine best players to meet their so called master. Then we have more time to gather more information about them and hopefully they want to discuss more important things after the game."

Ben "Again, why? Why WOK?"

"That is one of the questions"

Bjorn "9 against 1? This will be like a walk in the park!"

Nick "Well, if it is WOK4 you can count me out"

Egbert "What? Do you really care about that luck discussion at a time like this?"

Nick "I am just saying that there is no real strategic challange when that much is based on luck"

The NASA officer leans towards Queen Pea

"Are they always like this?"

QP "No. They are worse. This is nothing. Wait until they start discussing NAP's"

Kalvin "Who will GM it? What map should we use?"

NASA Officer "They havent said anything else than what I have told you."

Coolant "Why dont you just send up some armed forces and talk with them right away instead of this?

Calidus "Do you think this is Star Trek? It isnt the Klingons out there. This is for real and if they want to play ball, I say we play ball."

Al: "Settle down people and lets discuss which ones we should put on the nine spots. Beside from myself I think that Bjorn should be in it. And two or three Scholars"

Nick "Why you? When was the last time you won anything?"

Al "Ha! Well Mr.Preceptor of Ar-Sereg. Need I remind you of who won the first Clan war?"

Egbert "Just look at the Kaohalla. Who has to most VP:s? Naturally there should be at least three Scholars"

Calidus "You cant use the Kaohalla. My clan hasn't been around for that long but we have Underdog and Bjorn T and I had this vision of the nine players standing in a circle with me as the leader"

Nick (turning towards the NASA guy pointing at Calidus) "And you are telling me that this is a person you would like to see defending the earth?"

Thin King "I would like to keep the different strategies within my clan. In case anyone thought that we should share information."

Calidus "What is wrong with you people? Is there a history of mental illness in your clans? We are supposed to be reaching out to little green men from Mars and you worry about clansecrets? The steamroller isn't really a secret you know, and it doesnt work anymore.

NASA Officer "Well, I will leave you alone for one hour. When I come back I would like to have a list of the nine people that will face them."

Dyana "One hour? There isnt enough time in the world for these people to agree to something"

Chapter two

Wingman, over and out

The NASA officer enters the room.

NASA off. "Ok, have you picked out your players yet?"

Nick "Players? We prefer to be called clanmembers or if it applies, clanleaders."

NASA off. (Sighing) "Ok, whatever. Clanmembers then."

Al "We have desided to enter these nine players: Dameon (Nick), Bjorn T, X-Wing (Ben), Bicco, Moije, Thin King, Egbert, Calidus and myself. We have also desided that the rest of us that isn't officially playing will give the ones that are advise.

NASA off. "Forgive me for asking, but I expected the different clanleaders to be the participants?"

Al "What can I say, you expected wrong."

Massielita "I stepped down from my spot. I felt that Egbert would make the group more complete"

Ben (mumbling) "You couldnt take the heat so you got out of the kitchen"

Massie "What was that X-wing?"

Ben "Nothing"

Nick "I still think that we should all agree to one strategy."

Moije "And you probably have one ready for us to agree on, right?"

Nick "As a matter of fact I do. Is there anything wrong with that?"

Moije "No, nothing more that it usually is when you are involved."

Nick "Didn't you get the shoes?"

Moije "Shoes?"

Nick "Yes, the big flappy shoes that goes with the pants you bought at Clowns-R-us"

Moije "Hey! Let me tell you one thing......"

Al "Enough! Nick is right. We should all agree to one strategy."

Egbert "Is it WOK4 or WOK5?

Bicco "Maybe it is the Quizzer!"

Al "Quit mocking the Quizzer. If you all did as you were supposed to do, it would have been great. Anyway, we need to find out if it is 4 or 5."

NASA off "We have surprisingly enough a hotmail adress where we are supposed to send messages about NAP's and such"

Bjorn "Yeah right, like we are going to enter NAP's with him"

Dyana "Him? What if it is a woman"

Bjorn "Then it will be even easier to win"

Queen P. and Dyana "What!?"

Calidus "He is joking, settle down. Lets send that mail. And ask them what map we shold use"

Coolant "Are you going to put down your real names or are you using fake ones?"

Nick "Do you actually call yourself Coolant in your real life? We already have fake names!"

Coolant "I thought it might confuse him or her or whatever if they couldn't connect each player to a clan. Maybe they have analysed all our previous games and figured out how we play."

Bjorn "He has a point. Well then, I can be Maverick and Egbert, you can be Goose"

Egbert "No way. I am proud of my achievments and I will use my real fake name"

Ben "Maybe if we just altered a little. I can be Wingman. That sounds cool. Chhsshshh this is Wingman, over and out."

Nick "How about Wierdman?"

Ben "You may call yourself that"

Nick "I meant for you."

Ben "Oh, really? I couldn't dream of you making cracks about someone, let alone me"

Bicco "How about Wineoman?"

Ben "Not even funny. I dont drink wine"

Bicco "Well, ehh how about ehhh, nevermind."

Al "How about focusing on our mission given to us by NASA?

NASA off. ”Ok, we have a connection via MSN messenger with the Master. Lets go people.”

The group followed the NASA off. through a system of corridors until they entered a room with a lot of computers. One of them were turned on and the messenger was running.

Nick ”Let me handle this”

Nick (on messenger): Hello?

Master: These are your instructions – Put nine clanmembers in front of nine computers that are connected to the internet. We will make sure that the computers gets logged on to the correct site. No GM will be involved. The game will be runned by a computer. It will be a WOK5 game and the European map will be used. Pick out two of you that is not involved in this game and place them inside the transport that is landing on top of the helicopterplatform as we speak. They should be wearing hoods for their own protection.

Nick (on messenger): Hoods? Why?

No respond, and the Master loggs off.

Al ”Ok, any volounteers?”

Ben ”I say that we write everyones name down except the players and then draw two”

Al ”Sounds good. Anyone that doesn’t think that we should do that?”

As no one had any objections they made a bunch of notes and placed them in a plastic bag they found.

Al ”Ok, here we go. The first one is…… Coolant!”

Coolant ”What? No, no way. I am not going”

Nick ”Quit being a baby. We are the ones that has to play the game”

Coolant ”I play that game everyday. We can switch if you want to?”

Al ”Silent. The second one is….. Dyana!”

Dyana ”Right. My usual luck.”

After a few minutes intense discussion both Coolant and Dyana finally agrees to go up to the so called transport on the helicopterplatform. At the same time the others starts to discuss strategy.

Chapter three

Well, your highness Lady Dy

At the computer room.

Al ”Well, this better be the best strategy we have ever come up with. It is after all more than VP’s at stake.”

Thin King ” Will there be VP’s? Should we count this in the Kaohalla?”

Nick ”No! Definitely not.”

Al ”I agree. This will not count. Consider it as a clan war”

Ben ”Do you think that he reads the board? Maybe we should post something as a test?”

Al ”Could we stick to talking strategy for just one second?!”

TK ”I think that we should at least have three of us that takes three provinces and then sleeps”

Bjorn ”I agree. One or two of us should attack constantly in order to weaken him”

Nick ”Frankly, I cant see how we could loose this.”

At the same time Dyana and Coolant has walked up to the helicopter platform and are now standing in front of something taken out of a sience fiction movie. It is twice the size of a human and looks like a large bullet. A door is open on the side of it.

Coolant ”No point standing here. I guess that we should take our seats.”

Dyana and Coolant enters the vessel. Inside of it there are two seats. On top of the seats they find two hoods. They both sit down and after some hesitation they put on the hoods. At the same time the door closes and everything goes qiet.

Dyana ”This is a bit creepy”

”Ssschhh pssschhh, ssschhh, psschhh”

Dyana ”Did you hear that Coolant?! It sounded like heavy breathing”

”Sssschhh, psschhh”

Dyana ”Coolant? Answer me!”

Coolant (with a dark voice) ”Ssschhh, pssschh. Do not underestimate the power of the dark side!”

Dyana ”Hey! Quit that. You really scared me!”

Coolant (trying to quit laughing) ”It is your dessssssstiny, ha ha”

Suddenly they feel the vessel taking off. A feeling of regret enters them both.

The others continue to talk strategy in the computer room.

Calidus ”Couldn’t we try to constanly fire missiles at all his provinces?”

Al ”Why don’t we wait for the first turn report. Then we can see where everyone is on the map and take it from there?”

Nick ”I think that one of us can try and allying with him and when he thinks that his back is safe, he backstabbes him. Thin King, you are quite good at that, what do you say?”

TK ”I choose not to respond to that insult! Anyway, he would never fall for that. Why would anyone ally with him without having something up his sleeve for him?”

Nick ”Why would anyone ally with you without having something up his sleeve for you?”

Al ”Stop it you two. Lets wait for that turn report.”

Dyana and Coolant has now been traveling for quite some time and has now started to discuss what the aliens look like.

Coolant ”Well, I know that the chances are slim, but the odds of them all looking like Princess Leia when she is wearing that golden bikini in Jabbas place are just as big as them looking like little green men.

Dyana ”Yes, scientificly there are great odds for that! In that case they all could look like George Clooney.”

Coolant ”Yes they could. But that woulnd’t be as much fun as Leia in the bikini.”

Dyana ”Are those big hairswirls really attractive?”

Coolant ”No, but she doesn’t have it like that when she is Jabbas prisoner and who looks at the hair anyway?”

Dyana ”So all women could be bald for all that you care?”

Coolant ”I didn’t say that. What I say is that hairswirls are ok if the rest compensates for it”

Dyana ”So looks is all that matters then?”

Coolant ”Are you at all listening? We are discussing looks. If that is what we discuss then nothing else should be taken into consideration”

Dyana ”Ok, sorry about that. It is hard to focus when you are on a spaceship travelling towards a bunch of gamefanatic aliens wearing a hood”

Coolant ”Really? I cant see why?”

Back in the computer room, the players are getting bored.

Egbert ”Lincoln was elected president in 1860, JFK was elected 1960. Both Lincoln and Kennedy has seven letters. Both were shot on a Friday, both were shot in the head. Lincolns secretary was named Kennedy and Kennedys secretary was named Lincoln. They both were shot by southerners and the presidents that came after both of them were southerners. Both of those two were named Johnson. Lincoln was shot in a theater named Kennedy and Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln car. Both the assasins had three names, both of them consisting of fifteen letters. John Wilkes Booth who shot Lincoln was born in 1839. Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939. Booth was running from a theater and was arrested in a warehouse. Oswald was running from a warehouse and arrested in a theater. Both of them were killed before thier trials. But the best part is that one week before Lincoln was shot he was in Monroe in Maryland. One week befor Kennedy was shot he was INSIDE Marilyn Monroe.

Calidus ”Either you are trying to bore the hell out of us all, which you have succeded with I might add. Or you are saying that you were the second gunman on the grassy knoll.

The spacevessel suddlenly stops and after some metallic noises Dyana and Coolant hear the sound of the door open.
They take off their hoods and the bright light from the hallway outside the door hurts their eyes.

Dyana ”When you go out there, then….”

Coolant ”What do you mean by that. We go togheter!”

Dyana ”Just pop out and check so that it is safe”

Coolant ”Because I am a man? For your information I feel more like a little child right now”

Dyana ”When playing WOK I always send out the expendable troops first”

Coolant ”And what is that supposed to mean? I am expendable? Well your highness Lady Dy! You better get you royal little ass out here with me or we are just have to going to sit here and wait for them”

From a speaker they cannot locate they hear the following:

”Walk along the corridor and wait in the room in the end of it.”

Chapter four

Quick, trade lives with me!

Coolant and Dyana walkes slowly through the corridor leading towards an open door.

Coolant ”Too bad that there isn’t music in real life like there are in the movies. You can always tell if it is safe or not by listening to the music”

Dyana ”I think I just heard a fat lady sing”

They enter a room where the center of it is lit up by a circle of bright light. The rest of the room is kept dark with the exception of four thrones on the wall opposite of the door where they entered the room. The part of the room where the thrones are is a bit dusky. They can however see that four persons (if that is what they are) are sitting on the thrones. They are of the same size and built the same way as a human.

Coolant and Dyana walkes into the circle of light. Coolant takes a step towards the thronepeople.

Coolant ”Good evening, my name is Special Agent Fox Mulder and this (pointing towards Dyana) is Special Agent Dyana Scully. We would like to question you on your whereabouts during the Roswell incident.”

No reaction from the people on the thrones.
Coolant looks nervously at Dyana who returns him an angry look.
Suddenly someone starts talking. It is impossible to tell who since the voice seems to come from speakers located at all sides of the room.

”You need to be located at the absolute center of the circle in order for the translator to function properly.”

Coolant quickly takes a few step towards the center.

”We want the person who started talking to identify himself”

Coolant ”Eh, my name is Coolant. Well, it is not my real name but eh, well.”

”Coolant will do. The reason why we brought you two up here is to learn more about you humans. We want you two answer a few questions and we want to check your physical abilities. We will start with a physical test. Coolant, walk into the red circle.”

A red circle appears near the white one.

Coolant (whispering to Dyana) ”Quick, trade lives with me!”

Dyana ”No way.”

Coolant walkes slowely into the red circle.

Back in the computer room the situation has become worse.

Nick (talking to Al) ”What if we include navy and airforce in WOK6? And we could separate the different races within the population so that you get a percentage of the benefits from each race. Then you could choose wich type of race you want to turn into soldiers and send off to battle.

Al ”But that would make things very complicated. I like to keep it simple.”

Nick ”But it isn’t realistic that everyone in a country is from a single race. And when you take over another province, then they turn into that race as well! What is that about?”

Thin King ”It is probably luck, so just to make sure you better stick to the Quizzer. That is all fact unless you just guess on the answer. If you guess right that means that you were lucky and you would have to kill yourself.”

Nick ”This has nothing to do with the luckdiscussion of WOK4”

Calidus ”You two are wanted outside by someone”

Nick and TK ”Who?”

Calidus ”Everyone in here”

Back in space.

Throneperson ”As we see it, there are people starving in the continent you call Africa. But at the same time there seem to be too much food in the continents Europe and North America. Why don’t you send the owerflow to Africa?”

Coolant ”Eh, well because those continents would loose money by doing that.”

Throneperson ”Money?”

Coolant ”Yes, money. Money is used to buy things and food and such.”

Throneperson ”But you have too much food. Why do you need money to buy more?”

Coolant looks desperately at Dyana.

Dyana ”Let me try Coolant. We need to save all the money we can. If we get enough of it then Al can take away the pop-up ads.”

Throneperson ”Aaaahh. So if you have enough money we don’t have to see those annoying pop-up windows?”

Dyana ”Exactly”

Throneperson ”And when the pop-up ads are gone. Then the owerflowing food will be sent to the starving people of Africa?”

Dyana ”The African people have been praying for years to make this happend.”

Throneperson ”Well, I’ll be…. I didn’t think that it was all connected like that. That Al’s pop-up ads could be the difference between well being or starvation for an entire continent.”

Dyana ”It is a complicated world you have arrived to”

The computerroom is now bustling with activity. Turn 00 has arrived!

Nick ”What!!!! What is this!!!! How can someone possibly have a strategy for this?!!”

Chapter five

General Schwartzkopf – Commander of the allied forces

Nick ”We are all bundled up in a corner and that Masterguy has got all the neutrals. This is NOT fair!”

Al ”Do you consider 9-1 fair?”

Egbert ”We need to work out an coordination strategy to get ourselfs out of that corner”

Nick ”Lets see, the OOP is 3-4-2-7-6-1-10-9-5-8. So Bjorn moves first and he can not move without taking someone else out. The only ones that can move this turn are TK, Moije, Al, Calidus, Bicco and Egbert. That is actually six out of nine wich isn’t that bad considering the situation.”

Ben ”If we are going to do this, wich we are, I refuse to take part in a game that is totally organized by Nick.”

Nick ”You want to win this don’t you?”

Ben ”Yes”

Nick ”Then you have to let me handle it. Honestly I cant see how you or some other Irish originated clan are able to”

Bicco ”That’s it! I vote for attacking Nick and getting rid of him. Is headhunting allowed?”

Nick ”It was meant as a joke. I am merely suggesting things here. I say that we should decide the strategy by a majority decision.”

TK ”I am still interested if headhunting is allowed”

Up in the alien spaceship Coolant and Dyana have been given rooms for them to sleep in later. Coolant has taken a shower after his physical tests which mostly consisted of sit-ups, and is now trying to find his way back to Dyana and the aliens. As he is walking in a long corridor he sees the room with the thrones they were in before. He deside to wait there for them. He walkes in and takes a seat in the translation circle they were standing inside before. As he sits down he can hear the aliens talking. The translation function must be working throughout the ship! He understands that this might be a chance to hear what they really are after.

Alien 1 ”No I cant see any point of it. But there must be a reason”

Alien 2 ”Maybe they have what they call emotions for eachother?”

Alien 1 ”No after what I have seen it looks like they only do this either for fun or for experimental purpuses. It looks painful so I dont think that emotions have anything to do with it”

Alien 2 ”I saw on one of their sattelite channels that they occasionaly try more than one at a time”

Alien 1 ”Really? But there is really only need for one.”

Alien 2 ”I know. Maybe we can ask those two humans we have if they can show us something about it. This is probably something that every human knows. They do it so often.”

Alien 1 ”Yes we will ask them to show us.”

Coolant jumps to his feet. Do they want us to…? No they cant! Can they? Sex? He quickly walks back towards his room. When he left the translationcirlce and is unable to hear anymore the aliens continue their conversation.

Alien 2 ”But really, why do they do these tests on animals?”

Alien 1 ”I am guessing that they test products on them to see if they are safe. I can’t however understand why they do so many tests and why they make a product that they do not even know is safe.”

Dyana is sitting in her room when an alien starts talking to her through the speakers.

Alien ”We were wondering if you and your friend would like to show us how you prepare your food on earth?”

Dyana ”Ok, what should I make?”

Alien ”We have gathered ingridiences for chicken and potatoes. Your friends room is right next to yours. Go in there and ask him if he wants to join you”

Dyana walks out to the corridor and knocks on Coolants door. After a while he opens it. He looks a bit nervous but Dyana doesnt notice this.

Coolant ”Hi”

Dyana ”Hello”

Coolant ”Do you know what they want us to do?”

Dyana ”Yes, they just asked me”

Coolant hesitates for a moment.

Coolant ”And what did you reply?”

Dyana ”That we would. I didn’t think I would have to ask you but they told me to”

Coolant looks surprised.

Coolant ”And you are ok with that?

Dyana ”Sure. Why wouldnt I be? I do it everyday at home. Dont you?”

Coolant ”No, not really.”

Dyana ”Well, I will talk you through it. Just follow my instructions”

Coolant ”If I decide to go through with this, wich I havn’t yet, what do you have in mind?”

Dyana ”Oh, nothing fancy. Just some spices and then do as usual”

Coolant ”Spices?”

Dyana ”It doesnt taste anything without spices.”

Coolant ”Oh, I didn’t know that, but is that safe? I mean doesnt it harm the skin?”

Dyana ”No. You are really new at this I can hear. The spices goes into the skin and makes it taste good”
Coolant ”Well I am not exactly living in the playboy mansion but I am not entirely new to it. I have just never heard of the using of spices”

Dyana ”Playboy mansion?”

Coolant ”Nevermind. Ok, the spices and then what. Just ordinary style?”

Dyana ”After the spices we slide it into the oven and let that baby sizzle there for half an hour”

Coolant ”What! Wich asylum have you escaped from!? I may not be the most experienced man in the world but I know for a fact that an oven NEVER takes place in any situation!”

Dyana ”Are we going to eat it raw?”

Coolant ”We eat it? EAT it? I dont think I want to be a part of this. We dont even have any rubber to use”

Dyana ”Rubber? What are you talking about?”

Coolant ”What are you talking about?”

Dyana ”Cooking a meal consisting of chicken and potatoes”

Coolant ”Oh, well eeeeh me to. And we always use rubber gloves when we prepare the chicken in my family. To keep safe from bacteria.”

Dyana ”Well, we need to use and oven no matter what you say”

Coolant ”Ok, it is not what I am used to, but sure.”

Dyana leaves the room and Coolant lays down on his bed, exhausted.

The intial orders have now been agreed on. The nine players will try and spread out as quickly as possible and then they will assume different roles. Some will attack like crazy, some will attack in a more orderly fashion and a few will turn into sleeping giants.

Nick ”Order check! Can everyone repeat their attacking orders please?!”

TK ”Can someone please repeat why Nick think he is in charge?”

Nick ”We have to syncronize this. Otherwise we might end up attacking eachother.”

TK ”That I agree on. But I cannot see why you all of a sudden have turned into General Schwartzkopf – commander of the allied forces?”

Al ”Let Nick syncronize this. It is no matter what we think of it, a natural skill of his.”

Nick ”Thank you Al. Let us try again. Pretty please, with suger on top, repeat you dangnabbit orders!!!”

Chapter six

What?! He has a NAP level with this guy?!

Nick ”Hm, I don’t think I have ever seen a map like this”

Al ”Has anyone recieved any big losses?”

Most of the players shakes their head in silence.

Nick ”Ok, good. Phase two of my, eh I mean, our plan is about to begin.”

Egbert ”I didn’t know that we already discussed a phase two?”

Nick ”Well, technically we haven’t but it is obvious what we have to do next”

Thin King ”Well, technically we were all screwed when we let you take control over it. I say that we vote on who should decide the second turn”

Al ”Fair enough. Everone, take a piece of paper and write down you candidate.”

Nick ”What? No, we have already decided this. You can not just appoint someone and the impeach him a second later. What would the world be like if that system were used in politics? Ahh, congratulations mr.President. Thank you. Shut up and hit the road!”

Al ”Just vote”

Up in the spaceship Coolant and Dyana once more have been called to the room with the thrones.

Alien ”You seem to we fighting a lot of wars on your planet, why is that?”

Coolant (whispering to Dyana) ”Oh, good. I was afraid that he was going to ask us a hard question.”

Dyana (clearing her throat) ”It is difficult to say. Some wars has to do with religious belives and others has to do with economical issues.”

Alien ”I can’t understand how your different religions could start a war. Does any of them encourage war?”

Dyana ”No, but it has to do with other things like who is in control of holy places and if a certain group is oppressed by the nation they live in.”

Alien ”This puzzles me. Why can’t the ones that want to go to this holy place just do that? And why put any effort in oppressing a group of people? I can not see any statistic gain from it.”

Dyana ”Maybe we could leave that one for a while?”

Alien ”Ok, how about economical issues then? Did one citizen of one country steal from a citizen of another country and that lead into a war?”

Dyana ”No, I don’t think that stealing from single persons has lead to a war. Maybe a long time ago but not during the last 100-200 years.”

Alien ”Ok, what is it then?”

Dyana ”If one country stops a river of flowing into another country by building a dam, then that country will loose the gains from the river and will most likely try and take back those gains by attacking the country that built the dam.”

Alien ”Why would the first country build a dam when they know it will ruin the river for the next country?”

Coolant ”Dyana, let me try. It is all connected to the pop-up ads. The religous groups have different opinions on wether it is a punishment from god that they exists or if they are an act of the devil. If it is a punishment from god then they would have to stay there until god feels that it is enough. If they are an act of the devil then they should get rid of them as fast as possible. One group is trying to stop the other one and vice versa.”

Alien ”Aaah, I had a feeling it had to do with the ads. Who is this devil you are talking about?”

Coolant ”That is a long story. He is a kind of monster that wants to do evil.”

Alien ”Evil? How do you avoid him?”

Coolant ”If he challenges you to a game of chess, you politely decline his offer.”

Alien ”Hm, sounds easy. Ok, the economical aspect then. Has that to do with the ads as well?

Coolant ”Of course. It costs a lot to get rid of them and in order to do so you will need to get more money by invading an exploiting another country. Sometimes it is connected with the religious aspect. A country where the leaders believe that the pop-ups are of devine nature and should be left alone will invade another country that has started to gather money to get rid of the ads.”

Alien ”I am satisfied with your answers on this issue. I will let you go back to your rooms soon but first I would like you to show me one more thing”

Coolant (freezes and looking at Dyana) ”Oh god, here it comes”

Alien ”We have seen some attempts from humans to do magic. Espescially two men that seems to be surrounded by tigers all the time. It seems to originate from a city called Las Vegas. Is it real or fake?”

Coolant takes a deep breath of relief.

Dyana (giving Coolant a strange look) ”It is fake. They hide things in their sleeves and uses mirrors and stuff.”

Alien ”That is what we thought. We have a deck of cards here. Could you show us how some of the tricks are done?”

Dyana ”Show them Coolant”

Coolant ”Me? No, you must have me mistaken for the Amazing Coolant. He might look like me but he wears a hat and a cape and pulls rabbits out of his sleeves. That isn’t me. I don’t know any card tricks.”

Alien ”We would need to see some tricks now”

Coolant ”I will try.”

Coolant takes up the deck of cards and shakes it with one hand.

Coolant ”This is called Norwegian shuffling”

Alien ”But you didn’t shuffle it. You just shook it with your hand.”

Coolant ”I know. It was meant as a joke. Nevermind. Ok, I know a trick.”

Alien ”Good.”

Coolant ”Choose any colour you want.”

Alien ”Blue?”

Coolant ”What? No, from the cards!”

Alien ”Ahh, lets see. Black.”

Coolant ”Ok, we put the black ones aside and that leaves us with red. Choose between hearts or diamonds.”

Alien ”Hearts.”

Coolant ”Good. Now choose between low numbered cards and high numbered cards”

Alien ”High numbered.”

Coolant ”Now pick a high card of hearts”

Alien ”Ace of hearts.”

Coolant now reaches into his pocket and picks up the ace of hearts.

Alien ”Now how about that! How did you now that I was going to pick that card?”

Coolant ”I will tell you some other time. Now let us go back to our rooms.”

They are sent off to their rooms. When they left the room of the thrones Dyana turns to Coolant.

Dyana ”What was that all about? Why didn’t you tell him how it was done. How is it done by the way?”

Coolant (now talking with a serious tone) ”How it is done is not important. What is important is that I don’t think that they are any aliens.”

Dyana ”They’re not? Why do you think that?”

Coolant ”Because the last part of the trick depends on the fact that if you ask a person to pick a high numbered hearts card he will choose an ace 99 times out of 100. Since it worked on that alien then they are either very similar to us or they aren’t really aliens at all.”

Dyana ”What are they then?”

Coolant ”I would put my money on humans.”

In the computer room the votes are being gathered.

Al ”Has everyone handed in their vote? Good. I will not make a big scene out of this, I will just count them and announce the winner.”

A moment later.

Al ”By the looks of it, the winner is Massielita!”

Massielita ”Really? Thank you all. I will not dissapoint you.”

Ben ”So how do you want this done? Should we leave you alone to think or do you want us to give you suggestions?”

Massielita ”I would like a moment of privacy first if no one minds.”

Al ”No problem. Everybody, lets go out to that first room we were in and leave Massielita to it.”

Everyone walks out and Massielita takes a seat in front of one of the computers.

After a while the gang gets bored and starts discussing what type of new things that could be introduced into WOK.

Ben ”I think that there should be a map that is made like the map of the real world. What I mean is that you should be able to attack the western provinces from the eastern provinces since they would be neighbouring provinces if it was a round world.”

Moije ”It would be hard to place out the different types of provinces like plains and forests since if it was an entire planet then the provinces would be huge.”

Ben ”Since I am talking about WOK 4 here this wouldnt be a problem”

Moije ”Oh.”

Nick ”Yes you know, that game of luck”

Thin King ”Not this again”

Al ”Does anyone have any good suggestions for new things in WOK?”

Bicco ”Yes, I think that we should make a huge map where every clan could have five members represented.”

Nick ”Oh, how nice. And the GM of this huuuuge group would be?”

Bicco ”I don’t know. You asked for suggestions and I gave you one”

After a while Massielita comes out.

Massielita ”I have made a desicion. I think that everyone should act on their own this turn. That way we will all have better control over our own forces.”

Nick ”Sweet mother of… this must be the clownversion of strategic command. Are you talking about no co-operation at all?”

Massielita ”I am talking about making business as usual. Those of you that are neighbours need to co-operate and those of you that isn’t don’t.”

Al ”We have placed Massielita in command and he has said how it is going to be done so lets just go in there and do it”

Everyone takes a seat and after a short while the room is filled with discussions on who is going where and which provinces belongs to who. The last AOF is sent one hour later.
Al ”Well, that was that. We are all tired and hungry. I say that we ask for som NASA food and then tries to get some sleep before next turn.”

Since they all were tired no one objected. The NASA official arranged meals for them and showed them to a room with beds. They were all exhausted and fell asleep almost instantly.

The first one to wake up and get out of bed is Nick. Curious of the turnreport he walkes over to the computer room and checks his report and the map.

Nick ”As I assumed. This has turned into a circus.”

He takes a quick look at the computer next to him and sees that Moijes turnreport is just sitting there on the screen. He decides to take a quick look at it. After all, they are on the same side.

When he scrolls down he discovers the following:

°° You have positive NAP Levels with the following Players :
+1 Player 1 – Master

Nick ”What?! He has a NAP level with this guy?

A short while later all of them have gathered in the computer room, checking out the latest turn.

Editors note: The following was the beginning of chapter seven and was the last that was written before I gave up

Chapter seven


Nick ”Good morning Moije.”

Moije ”Morning Nick”

Nick ”Everything is good? Nothing strange going on? No strange NAP’s?”

Moije ”Oh, you have seen that have you? Well he asked me and I thought that it might come in handy later on”

Nick ”This is just too much. We have clowns handling the strategy and the players makes peace with the enemy!”

Bicco ”I have an idea about how we should determine the commander for the next turn. First we make a vote so that we have three candidates. Then we have a quiz game for it
First one here, last one to leave.

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Found chapter seven

Chapter seven

Who are you? Xena the warrior princess?

Nick ”Good morning Moije.”

Moije ”Morning Nick”

Nick ”Everything is good? Nothing strange going on? No strange NAP’s?”

Moije ”Oh, you have seen that have you? Well he asked me and I thought that it might come in handy later on”

Nick ”This is just too much. We have clowns handling the strategy and the players make peace with the enemy!”

Bicco ”I have an idea about how we should determine the commander for the next turn. First we make a vote so that we have three candidates. Then we have a quiz game for it.

Nick ”I wonder if that is how they decide things in the supreme court? We’ll have a quiz game and the criminal who wins gets to choose his punishment.

Al ”Could all of you focus on the game right now please?”

Back in the spaceship Dyana and Coolant has decided to do some exploring on their own.

Coolant ”I think this is a really bad idea. I am pretty sure that they will get pissed if they find out we are gone”

Dyana ”Dont worry. They wont. They think we are sleeping in our beds right now.”

Coolant ”Oh, yes I forgot. A bunch of towels underneath the blanket and a shoe underneath the pillow is such a fortress of security that there is now way they can outsmart us.”

Dyana ”Quit whining. They dont expect us to wander off so they wont look that hard. We are safe I am telling you”

They both goes silent as they see a stairway leading up to what seems to be some sort of ventilation system.

Coolant ”I like this a lot. They have so many people breaking in here and snooping around that they actually put in a stairway to the ventilationsystem?”

Dyana ”It is probably for maintenance purpouses. Who cares anyway, lets use it.”

They climb up the stairs and into the system. It looks as you would expect. Long tunnels of aluminum with occasional openings into different rooms. As they crawl along looking into empty lockerrooms and storages they hear a voice from a distance. They quickly move towards the sound of it and as they are getting closer they can, much to their surprice, hear that it is talking in English. Carefully they move up to the ventilation opening. They look into a room filled with computers and in the middle of it sits a human (!) scientist who is talking to himself.

Scientist ”Just a few more turns and the clones will be ready. I cant believe the luck I had when I stumbled across that Kaomaris web site. The best strategic minds in the world, all gathered to one spot. Ha Ha Haaaa. Once my computers have established how their tactics works I will place that knowledge into my commanding clones and after that the entire world is at my feet. The army is already produced and armed but it is very important that I dont rush this. Good thing I have those two up here to use as hostages in case the players down there quit playing for some reason. Maybe I should make clones out of them? I wonder if I can trick them to enter the cloning room right next door?

Dyana (whispering) ”I cant belive this is happening. WOK will actually help this twisted guy to take over the world with some sort of army made out of clones”

Coolant (whispering) ”I cant belive that we turned up here just in time to hear him explain his whole plan to himself”

Dyana (whispering) ”Lets go check out that cloning room.”

They crawl to the next opening and carefully lifts off the small gridfence protecting the ventilationsystem. They enter the room. In the room they see two machines that looks like those photobooths that you can find in malls, only bigger. Connected to each one is a computer. After looking at the menues on the computer screens they see that it is not that difficult to make the clones. The computers are hooked up to the internet and are constantly downloading different types of characters from movies, games and real life. Values are given these characters and they are then put into an alphabetic list that you may choose from.

Dyana ”The machine can make three clones at a time and we have two machines. I say that we make three clones each and then I try to stop the evil guy while you look for a way to get back to earth”

Coolant ”Who are you? Xena the warrior princess? It is not like I will find an elevator that says TO EARTH on it. I skipped the space shuttle seminars back in school.

Dyana ”We force one of the clones to drive it for us stupid! Now pick three names from the list and make your group”

After a while the machine stops and you can here people, or should I say clones, breathing inside them.

Dyana ”Alright, you show yours first”

Coolant open the door and out of the machine walks Wonderwoman.

Dyana ”What? A cartoon character?”

Coolant ”It is made into a real person now and Wonderwoman kicks ass in the comics so why not?”

Dyana ”Because comics are stupid? Who fights crime in a tight top and miniskirt anyway?”

Coolant ” It isnt a miniskirt and she is also wearing a belt and a cape”

Dyana ”Ok, nevermind. Who is next?”

Next clone walking out of the machine is Tombraider.

Dyana ”Now she can actually kick some butt. However if I would have made comic and gameclones I would have picked Superman or something”

Coolant ”I have to warn you about this last one since I pressed wrong and when I realized who it was it was too late to stop”

Buffy the vampireslayer walks out wearing a bikini.

Dyana ”Well, the show is actually good. But these are not vampires. And why the bikini?”

Coolant ”I told you. I pressed the wrong button”
Dyana ”Very unlikely since you have to manually change the clothes of the characters”

Coolant ”Hey give me a break here will you. How many chance like this do a guy get in his life? Now show me yours”

Dyana opens the door and tells all of them to come out at once. Out walks Indiana Jones, James Bond and Ricky Martin.

Coolant ” Hm, Indy is always good and Bond hasnt been killed yet but Ricky?”

Dyana ”I need someone to keep me company while the other two beats up the scientist”

Coolant ”And you complain about me”

Dyana ”Enough. Now take Wonderbrawomen and the Amazing Cleavagegirl and whoever else you have there and find us a way to go home.”
First one here, last one to leave.

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