WOK - Defenders of the world - Chapter five

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WOK - Defenders of the world - Chapter five

Post by Duke » Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:22 pm

Chapter five

General Schwartzkopf – Commander of the allied forces

Nick ”We are all bundled up in a corner and that Masterguy has got all the neutrals. This is NOT fair!”

Al ”Do you consider 9-1 fair?”

Egbert ”We need to work out an coordination strategy to get ourselfs out of that corner”

Nick ”Lets see, the OOP is 3-4-2-7-6-1-10-9-5-8. So Bjorn moves first and he can not move without taking someone else out. The only ones that can move this turn are TK, Moije, Al, Calidus, Bicco and Egbert. That is actually six out of nine wich isn’t that bad considering the situation.”

Ben ”If we are going to do this, wich we are, I refuse to take part in a game that is totally organized by Nick.”

Nick ”You want to win this don’t you?”

Ben ”Yes”

Nick ”Then you have to let me handle it. Honestly I cant see how you or some other Irish originated clan are able to”

Bicco ”That’s it! I vote for attacking Nick and getting rid of him. Is headhunting allowed?”

Nick ”It was meant as a joke. I am merely suggesting things here. I say that we should decide the strategy by a majority decision.”

TK ”I am still interested if headhunting is allowed”

Up in the alien spaceship Coolant and Dyana have been given rooms for them to sleep in later. Coolant has taken a shower after his physical tests which mostly consisted of sit-ups, and is now trying to find his way back to Dyana and the aliens. As he is walking in a long corridor he sees the room with the thrones they were in before. He deside to wait there for them. He walkes in and takes a seat in the translation circle they were standing inside before. As he sits down he can hear the aliens talking. The translation function must be working throughout the ship! He understands that this might be a chance to hear what they really are after.

Alien 1 ”No I cant see any point of it. But there must be a reason”

Alien 2 ”Maybe they have what they call emotions for eachother?”

Alien 1 ”No after what I have seen it looks like they only do this either for fun or for experimental purpuses. It looks painful so I dont think that emotions have anything to do with it”

Alien 2 ”I saw on one of their sattelite channels that they occasionaly try more than one at a time”

Alien 1 ”Really? But there is really only need for one.”

Alien 2 ”I know. Maybe we can ask those two humans we have if they can show us something about it. This is probably something that every human knows. They do it so often.”

Alien 1 ”Yes we will ask them to show us.”

Coolant jumps to his feet. Do they want us to…? No they cant! Can they? Sex? He quickly walks back towards his room. When he left the translationcirlce and is unable to hear anymore the aliens continue their conversation.

Alien 2 ”But really, why do they do these tests on animals?”

Alien 1 ”I am guessing that they test products on them to see if they are safe. I can’t however understand why they do so many tests and why they make a product that they do not even know is safe.”

Dyana is sitting in her room when an alien starts talking to her through the speakers.

Alien ”We were wondering if you and your friend would like to show us how you prepare your food on earth?”

Dyana ”Ok, what should I make?”

Alien ”We have gathered ingridiences for chicken and potatoes. Your friends room is right next to yours. Go in there and ask him if he wants to join you”

Dyana walks out to the corridor and knocks on Coolants door. After a while he opens it. He looks a bit nervous but Dyana doesnt notice this.

Coolant ”Hi”

Dyana ”Hello”

Coolant ”Do you know what they want us to do?”

Dyana ”Yes, they just asked me”

Coolant hesitates for a moment.

Coolant ”And what did you reply?”

Dyana ”That we would. I didn’t think I would have to ask you but they told me to”

Coolant looks surprised.

Coolant ”And you are ok with that?

Dyana ”Sure. Why wouldnt I be? I do it everyday at home. Dont you?”

Coolant ”No, not really.”

Dyana ”Well, I will talk you through it. Just follow my instructions”

Coolant ”If I decide to go through with this, wich I havn’t yet, what do you have in mind?”

Dyana ”Oh, nothing fancy. Just some spices and then do as usual”

Coolant ”Spices?”

Dyana ”It doesnt taste anything without spices.”

Coolant ”Oh, I didn’t know that, but is that safe? I mean doesnt it harm the skin?”

Dyana ”No. You are really new at this I can hear. The spices goes into the skin and makes it taste good”
Coolant ”Well I am not exactly living in the playboy mansion but I am not entirely new to it. I have just never heard of the using of spices”

Dyana ”Playboy mansion?”

Coolant ”Nevermind. Ok, the spices and then what. Just ordinary style?”

Dyana ”After the spices we slide it into the oven and let that baby sizzle there for half an hour”

Coolant ”What! Wich asylum have you escaped from!? I may not be the most experienced man in the world but I know for a fact that an oven NEVER takes place in any situation!”

Dyana ”Are we going to eat it raw?”

Coolant ”We eat it? EAT it? I dont think I want to be a part of this. We dont even have any rubber to use”

Dyana ”Rubber? What are you talking about?”

Coolant ”What are you talking about?”

Dyana ”Cooking a meal consisting of chicken and potatoes”

Coolant ”Oh, well eeeeh me to. And we always use rubber gloves when we prepare the chicken in my family. To keep safe from bacteria.”

Dyana ”Well, we need to use and oven no matter what you say”

Coolant ”Ok, it is not what I am used to, but sure.”

Dyana leaves the room and Coolant lays down on his bed, exhausted.

The intial orders have now been agreed on. The nine players will try and spread out as quickly as possible and then they will assume different roles. Some will attack like crazy, some will attack in a more orderly fashion and a few will turn into sleeping giants.

Nick ”Order check! Can everyone repeat their attacking orders please?!”

TK ”Can someone please repeat why Nick think he is in charge?”

Nick ”We have to syncronize this. Otherwise we might end up attacking eachother.”

TK ”That I agree on. But I cannot see why you all of a sudden have turned into General Schwartzkopf – commander of the allied forces?”

Al ”Let Nick syncronize this. It is no matter what we think of it, a natural skill of his.”

Nick ”Thank you Al. Let us try again. Pretty please, with suger on top, repeat you dangnabbit orders!!!”
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