WOK- Defenders of the world - Chapter four

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WOK- Defenders of the world - Chapter four

Post by Duke » Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:16 pm

Chapter four

Quick, trade lives with me!

Coolant and Dyana walkes slowly through the corridor leading towards an open door.

Coolant ”Too bad that there isn’t music in real life like there are in the movies. You can always tell if it is safe or not by listening to the music”

Dyana ”I think I just heard a fat lady sing”

They enter a room where the center of it is lit up by a circle of bright light. The rest of the room is kept dark with the exception of four thrones on the wall opposite of the door where they entered the room. The part of the room where the thrones are is a bit dusky. They can however see that four persons (if that is what they are) are sitting on the thrones. They are of the same size and built the same way as a human.

Coolant and Dyana walkes into the circle of light. Coolant takes a step towards the thronepeople.

Coolant ”Good evening, my name is Special Agent Fox Mulder and this (pointing towards Dyana) is Special Agent Dyana Scully. We would like to question you on your whereabouts during the Roswell incident.”

No reaction from the people on the thrones.
Coolant looks nervously at Dyana who returns him an angry look.
Suddenly someone starts talking. It is impossible to tell who since the voice seems to come from speakers located at all sides of the room.

”You need to be located at the absolute center of the circle in order for the translator to function properly.”

Coolant quickly takes a few step towards the center.

”We want the person who started talking to identify himself”

Coolant ”Eh, my name is Coolant. Well, it is not my real name but eh, well.”

”Coolant will do. The reason why we brought you two up here is to learn more about you humans. We want you two answer a few questions and we want to check your physical abilities. We will start with a physical test. Coolant, walk into the red circle.”

A red circle appears near the white one.

Coolant (whispering to Dyana) ”Quick, trade lives with me!”

Dyana ”No way.”

Coolant walkes slowely into the red circle.

Back in the computer room the situation has become worse.

Nick (talking to Al) ”What if we include navy and airforce in WOK6? And we could separate the different races within the population so that you get a percentage of the benefits from each race. Then you could choose wich type of race you want to turn into soldiers and send off to battle.

Al ”But that would make things very complicated. I like to keep it simple.”

Nick ”But it isn’t realistic that everyone in a country is from a single race. And when you take over another province, then they turn into that race as well! What is that about?”

Thin King ”It is probably luck, so just to make sure you better stick to the Quizzer. That is all fact unless you just guess on the answer. If you guess right that means that you were lucky and you would have to kill yourself.”

Nick ”This has nothing to do with the luckdiscussion of WOK4”

Calidus ”You two are wanted outside by someone”

Nick and TK ”Who?”

Calidus ”Everyone in here”

Back in space.

Throneperson ”As we see it, there are people starving in the continent you call Africa. But at the same time there seem to be too much food in the continents Europe and North America. Why don’t you send the owerflow to Africa?”

Coolant ”Eh, well because those continents would loose money by doing that.”

Throneperson ”Money?”

Coolant ”Yes, money. Money is used to buy things and food and such.”

Throneperson ”But you have too much food. Why do you need money to buy more?”

Coolant looks desperately at Dyana.

Dyana ”Let me try Coolant. We need to save all the money we can. If we get enough of it then Al can take away the pop-up ads.”

Throneperson ”Aaaahh. So if you have enough money we don’t have to see those annoying pop-up windows?”

Dyana ”Exactly”

Throneperson ”And when the pop-up ads are gone. Then the owerflowing food will be sent to the starving people of Africa?”

Dyana ”The African people have been praying for years to make this happend.”

Throneperson ”Well, I’ll be…. I didn’t think that it was all connected like that. That Al’s pop-up ads could be the difference between well being or starvation for an entire continent.”

Dyana ”It is a complicated world you have arrived to”

The computerroom is now bustling with activity. Turn 00 has arrived!

Nick ”What!!!! What is this!!!! How can someone possibly have a strategy for this?!!”
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