WOK SP - take a guess !

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WOK SP - take a guess !

Post by gm_al » Mon Feb 16, 2004 2:23 pm


well the new WOK game is on tracks, a small dev team has started work on its realisation.

We hope to soon present you a link to a demonstration page of what WOK SP will all be about, but for now I dont want to spoil the fun. :twisted:

I must say it all looks VERY promising. A good concept, a motivated team and much effort and dedication could make this a breakthrough game for WOK.

I want to use this thread to answer a few of your questions on WOK SP. Let me just tell you that there will be NO MANUAL for WOK SP. The Players are all on their own for a start. :twisted:

To make things more interesting the dev team will try to answer your questions here - but only with a YES or a NO as allowed answers, so make sure to ask your questions accordingly. :P

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