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WOK Community Rules

Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2003 12:41 am
by Count Henri
Welcome to the World of Kaomaris Community.

We aim to create a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for all our members.

In order to ensure that this is achieved their are some Rules for this Forum that all users are expected to abide by.

By posting on this Forum you agree to be bound by these rules and the decisions of the Moderators/Administrators.

Please note that registration is required to post on the WOK Community Forum.


1. No Spamming/Trolling/Hacking : Self explanatory really. Unlike some gaming communities we are not Xenophobic and do enjoy finding out about new games. Check for PBeM threads in General Discussion first though. Any attempt to hack the Forum will result in an immediate Level 3 BAN and will be reported to appropriate Service Provider/Legal Authorities.

2. No Abuse : Any racial/sexual/general hate messages will NOT be tolerated. This will result in an immediate BAN.

3. Swearing : In any community things can get heated. We appreciate that sometimes people will swear. However since this is an all ages forum we have a word censor in effect. You can swear AS LONG AS you let the word censor translate it into something suitable for viewing. We will know what you meant. There are ways of getting around the censor and doing so will result in an immediate BAN.

4. Appropriate areas : Please try to post messages to the appropriate subforum.

5. 'SmackTalk' : Since this is a War/Strategy gaming Community it is common to have players 'smacktalk' each other on the board. This is fine as long as Rules 2, 3 & 4 are respected.


There are 3 levels of banning used on the board. If you are banned you may appeal by email to the board Administrators. If you are banned please respect this and do not try to get around it. We do not hand out frivolous bans and all bans must be satisfactorally explained to the Admins. If necessary the Administrators of this board will report completely inappropriate behaviour (ie serious, continual breaches of Rules 1 & 2) to Service Providers.

Level 1 : 48 hour Username ban. User may view forum as Guest but not post for 48 hours.

Level 2 : 1 week IP ban. User may not view or post to Forum for 7 days.

Level 3 : Permanent ban. Self explanitory.